• Angela Smith

What to Wear in Spring 2021!

Did you read this title and say “I hope it is still yoga pants and light-weight hoodies?” Well, then you are out of luck. The fashion world may have been home, and fashion shows may have been canceled or virtual, but the designers were not sleeping!

These new spring trends are just what we all need, a little revitalization.

The mini skirt is back...well, really it never went anywhere. Spring 2021 is time to show off those stems ladies! This spring offers us A-line minis and paisley print minis.

Pair those minis with cropped cardigans. Your skin has been hiding way too long. Plus is there a better way to transition from snuggled up in my hoodie under my blanket than a cardigan? It’s still cozy but made from lighter material, and well, it’s cuter!

It is those leggings that we are all nervous to get rid of. However, the fashion world is not hanging us out to dry. To help us cull the sweatpants and leggings from our everyday wardrobe, they are offering us wide-leg pants. And if you love the bold or need the bold to pull you from the couch, they have designed some gorgeous funky patterns on those wide legs. It is time to have fun, ladies.

If this post has made you nervous so far, we have an offering. Jumpsuits. Comfy. Sexy. Cute. Versatile. These are still in fashion, so if you haven’t added one to your closet, do it now!

On many of the listed items above, you will find floral patterns. As your high school English teacher might have told you, flowers signify a rebirth. No one can deny we are all in need of some rebirth at this time!

Flowers are not the only way designers are igniting our souls. While shopping this spring, you will find large and loud patterns. If not floral, likely psychedelic. Spring 2021 is all about rebirth and levity, which we all can use after a year of solitude and sadness.




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