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The Stylist Behind Lil Nas X: Hodo Musa

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Photos by Damian Borja and MU by Shenise Sheena.

If you have not heard her name, you are in for a treat. Best known as Lil Nas X’s designer, Hodo Musa has a gorgeous story to tell.

Born in Somalia, Musa and her family fled civil war and went to Malmo, Sweden. Musa describes Malmo as a place where “you can find people from every war country in the world. It’s like a big melting pot with different cultures where we all had to co-exist and become friends.” However, Sweden’s fashion world was not inclusive, preferring blonds, so eventually, Musa moved to London to be a model. Musa found herself miserable as a model but was always moved and impressed by the work of stylists. She left, spent a short time in New York, and then headed to Norway to join the fashion scene there.

She actually calls Oslo, Norway home, where she worked with Astrid S, Norway’s biggest pop star.

While Musa’s career took off with Astrid S, she has been creating personal styles since she was a kid, using her 7 siblings as the models.

When asked about those who influenced her she cites: Michael Jackson (especially “Thriller”) and Grace Jones. But she also says her mother who “ had so much swag and beauty” and “always wore a big afro and colorful Somali clothes with gold dripping around her neck and fingers”

To the general U.S. population, her name may still not be known; however, she is at the top of the fashion industry ever since she started working with Lil Nas X. She credits him with her burgeoning recognition saying “He has very little ego. He really, like, not only made my career but also [was] crediting me, seeing me, giving me the recognition that maybe other people wouldn’t do.”

Lil Nas X and Hodo Musa have a wonderful relationship, and she hopes she can work with him for a long time. Since she became his stylist, they have become close friends, finding they have so much in common outside of work.

Their relationship is so good that the Punk’d reboot on Quibi contacted her to help them punk her good friend and client, Lil Nas X.

While prepping for his Grammy’s performance, the NIS (not a real agency) came in to arrest Hodo Musa for evading her taxes. They even accused her of purchasing items for Lil Nas X’s performance and not paying taxes on them

All of this is a lie of course, and Musa was in on it from the start.

Lil Nas X’s reaction says all we need to know about their relationship: he defends her!

Fake agents precede to interrogate Lil Nas X and the others demanding to know who is paying for everything. Mind you, this is before the Grammy’s!! The fake agents threaten that this concert will not happen until this is all figured out, and tell Lil Nas X that he in fact is responsible for the action of his stylist, and they handcuff Musa and take her away.

One fake agent remains. He proceeds to suggest to Lil Nas X that maybe they can make a deal. Maybe Lil Nas X can put him in a music video or something. At this point, Lil Nas X is clearly uncomfortable, and says “No.”

Then another fake agent returns and asks Lil Nas X to sing into his phone for his brother. The agent hands over the phone and Chance the Rapper (the host of Punk’d) is there singing “Old Town Road.” At this point, Lil Nas X figures it out and is relieved.

In an interview with the Los Angeles Times, Musa said ‘’My dream is to work with Lil Nas X forever and maybe start his fashion house and work with him and direct that.”

If this is the first time you are hearing her name, I suspect you will hear it more often soon enough.




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