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Simon Rocha: A Look At Femininity, History and Stories

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Simone Rocha was named Young Designer of the Year in 2014 by Harper’s Bazaar, just four years after she showed her graduate collection at London’s Fashion Week. Rocha is from Dublin, Ireland and the daughter of famed designer John Rocha and his wife and manager Odette. She studied design at the National College of Art and Design in Dublin and her designs have been worn by Michelle Obama, Selena Gomez and Kate Middleton.

If you have not seen Rocha’s designs, hearing that Obama, Gomez and Middleton have donned her fashions should give you an idea. Feminine but powerful and rebellious. That is Rocha’s style.

Her designs are a combination of simple and unique, using fabrics like cellophane and embroidered lace.

For this year’s London Fashion Week, Rocha chose the Victorian Theatre at Alexandra Palace and it, as stated by Vogue Australia, was the “most exquisite, memorable and emotional” of all the shows.

Rocha’s show consisted of 46 models (many actual Irish theater actors), Irish choral music and unique fabrics reminiscent of Victorian wallpaper and Delftware. And this was intentional. Prior to designing for the show, she and her mother were discussing the old tradition of Wren Day and the wrenboys.

Wren Day is celebrated on December 26 or St. Stephen’s Day in many European countries, including Ireland. On this day, people would dress up in straw masks and colorful clothing and “hunt” a fake wren in order to place it atop a pole. In Celtic traditions, the wren was considered a symbol of the past year.

Rocha feels very connected to her homeland and its history, and she wanted to build a narrative through her fabrics and setting, and by all accounts, she did just that.

And this emotional and reminiscent display took place in February, just a month before the world and all its activity and connectivity came to a screeching halt due to COVID-19.

So what has she been doing since? Turning that collection into a Fellini inspired film, Moncler with director Hugh Mulhern and filmmaker Petra Collins.

The short film was meant to feel like “the tide coming in and the pace and race of the final offering[...]”

The film uses dance and movement which most certainly remind the viewer of the tide. It captures the femininity as well as the subversion of femininity of Rocha’s work. It is about a girl, her secrets, her relationships and her nightmares.

Simone Rocha’s designs are available at Neiman Marcus and Nordstroms among others. Online you can shop her lines at

Her prices are not for the Average Jane, but they are nonetheless worth looking at and enjoying the textures, the stories and the creativity.

But here are some of my favorite pieces from Neiman Marcus.

Available for:

$726 (originally, $969) $1394 $421

Simone Rocha comes from a close and creative family. In addition to her fashion world parents, she has a brother who is a chef in some of London’s best restaurants and her partner is photographer Eoin McLoughlin.

The family is very close, and even during the COVID-19 shutdown, Max has found ways to see his family. He cooks and packages delicious meals and delivers them to his beloved family.

Prior to the shutdown, Max and Simone would “cross-pollinate;” she creating floral arrangements for informal supper clubs and he booking bands to play her show.




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