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November's Woman of the Month: Nicole Tirado -Curly Hair Guide and Influencer!

There are countless videos of women on Tik Tok and Instagram declaring something to the effect of: I never knew I had curly hair. Just thought I had frizzy hair. And then BAM they use a product and their hair looks different and wonderful.

Those who do not have curly hair may call BS on these women. But for those of us with curly hair, we know how you care for it, what you put in it, how you sleep in it, and how often you wash it can make a huge difference. And, let’s be honest, sometimes we just don’t know the other variables!

To top it off, there is no one formula for all girls and all curls. So curly-haired girls spend much of their teens and twenties searching for their hair.

That is what brings us to Nicole Tirado.

Nicole is an account executive at Univision where she helps with marketing strategy but is also responsible for sales. She is currently studying Digital Marketing through a self-paced online certification program at the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School.

Nicole attended undergraduate at Penn State’s College Park campus. Growing up in the Feltonville section of Philadelphia, PSU was a change for her. This was the first time she felt like a minority. Her high school had been filled with students of Hispanic descent.

As she explained it, she had an identity crisis. She began straightening her hair, alot.

Being one of a few Hispanic students on campus opened her up to many microaggressions, comments and questions about her hair, her skin, her culture and her origin. These left her feeling like an outsider. So she did the one thing she could: straightened her hair to eliminate at least those questions!

Her excessive hair straightening damaged her hair, and eventually, she made a commitment to herself to stop.

Nicole has always had a good following on her socials. And her followers noticed this change in her hair, and started asking her questions!

She made a tutorial video and got amazing feedback. She was thrilled to be such a positive influence on so many and kept going. Her following grew. Companies started sending her products and if she liked them she made a video with tips on how she used the product.

Nicole has had to turn down opportunities for pay in the past. The company asked her to sign a contract stating that she’d move forward with the campaign despite her feelings on the product. She refused.

Until recently she was not paid. Nicole just did a campaign for the hair product Verb. She takes her role as an influencer seriously understanding the trust her followers put in her.

Nicole’s Tips for Curly Hair

  • Figure out the type of hair you have! She created a Curl Chart to help her followers figure it out. Knowing your curl type will help you know what to look for in a product.

Type 1s are straight, no curls. Type 2s are wavy;3s are curly, and 4s are coily/kinky.

The subclassification is designated by a letter and based on the width of curls. A-means the widest curl pattern and C means smallest.

  • Know the porosity of their hair. How much moisture can it absorb? This will determine if one should use a heavy product (non-low porous) or a light product (for those with high porosity. Learn more here.

  • Stay away from heat pressing because it ruins the natural patterns of your hair.

  • Get frequent trims.

  • Deep condition with moisturizers and natural masks

  • And most importantly learning how to work with your curls is a process. It may require trial and error. Do not try all of the things all at once. Change one thing at a time and see how it works.

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