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The Black is Beautiful movement in the 1960s set out to change the racist definition of beauty as part of the equal rights fight. While there had been other movements, Negritude in the 1930s, the Black is Beautiful movement got its start in 1962 when Kwame Brathwaite hosted a fashion show “Naturally ‘62.” The models in this show tossed away the American standard of beauty and embraced African ideals of beauty. Brathwaite’s show was controversial as Naturally ‘62 was a protest against the fact that “... in Ebony Magazine, you couldn’t find an Ebony girl.”

Today on Instagram, Twitter and so on, we see many hashtags celebrating black beauty. Hashtags like #melaninqueen, #melaninpopping and #melaninmagic grace our feeds.

The Black is Beautiful movement is alive and well, though sometimes under a different name and sometimes not. At the end of 2020, Tia Adeola released a 2-minute video (since fashion shows are no longer a thing in these COVID times) as a “celebration of Black women, Black culture, and Black fashion, fused with a classical art narrative that frequently leaves them out.” This short film features an all-Black cast.

At Eunré, we believe that every woman is unique, which is why we create products that are perfect for everyone's needs. We are proud of our Melanin Matte and Melanin Gloss collections.

Eunré Melanin Matte set is packed with an endless amount of stunning colors. The set includes 10 shades of head-turning colors perfect for all shades, moods and seasons. Eunré Melanin Matte liquid lipstick is the perfect splash of color that sticks around throughout the day. Whichever shade you choose, you can guarantee it will be smooth, head-turning and unforgettable. This liquid lipstick provides up to eight-hour wear and stays true to its color. We promise no feathering, bleeding, flaking or caking! And of course, it is waterproof.

Interested in the gloss collection to give your lips the hydration, moisture and pop of color it deserves? Our gloss collection is made with shea butter to make your lips soft and noticeably beautiful. And of course, our glosses come in all the colors for all the skin tones and all the moods.

You're beautiful. And Eunré is here to help you highlight that natural beauty.

If you are interested in learning more about the history of the Black is Beautiful movement of the 1960s, we found this BBC article to be great!




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