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Kelli Pellini: Relentless and Determined Local Real Estate Agent

Kelli’s is a story of relentless determination, like many women in business. Her hard work and perseverance helped her navigate the unusual and indirect path that led to where she is today.

Kelli started ice skating when she was 8 years old. She eventually had to stop due to the expense and although skating was always in her heart, Kelli enjoyed other sports she had the opportunity to play She was happy to play other sports, and developed great friendships and memories through school sports. And in hindsight, she sees the silver lining, as she never had to endure the intense physical or emotional issues that can come with a very high level of training that many skaters in competitive skating do.

But she did love skating and got back into it. Kelli will say she was lucky to land her first show at age 20, but there was probably something more to it. Kelli got this position when an acquaintance recommended her for it. Kelli is a hard and honest worker and this acquaintance probably realized it and knew she would be a great asset to Woodstock Ice Productions (yup! Charles Schultz’s, creator of Peanuts, daughter’s company). But Kelli says luck.

Kelli says she was not the strongest skater, so her role was minor, but she was thrilled to be back on the ice. During her time with Woodstock Ice Productions she would stay after and continue practicing her skating so she could eventually get better and better roles. She took a 3rd shift job so she could spend her days practicing at the rink.

Relentless and determined!

Kelli spent 15 years in ice skates. At around year 13, she looked to become a performance director but realized her resume and her disposition were not a match for that position.

Kelli enrolled in college to study communication studies. As a performer, there was plenty of public relations work, so communications seemed like a good next move.

After college, she went to work in marketing despite her mother and other family members telling her she’d make a great real estate agent. She just didn’t think she had the “sales” part of the job in her. She had an image of a pushy salesperson that she knew was not her. She worked in marketing for a little while with a company she loved (and eventually she would sell a house to her boss there!).

However, there was always real estate in her life and in her mind. She had one cousin who was an appraiser and one who bought and sold real estate, so talking about real estate was part of her family life. But she was not a salesperson.

Kelli has been a realtor for 2 years in the Greater Philadelphia area. After a difficult first year, she was unsure that this was the job for her. Even so, she won an award within her firm for closing the hardest transactions that year. When asked how she closed such difficult deals she said: “I am relentless.” She chuckled and said, “I took a lot of classes in my first year. One was called Buyers Bootcamp.’”

Kelli is not relentless and determined to get the buyer to buy, but rather relentless and determined to get answers from others when the process is being slowed down and there are problems. These are issues that can cause the buyer to lose their deposit or the seller to lose time, a chance Kelli never wants to take. So she makes phone calls, offering to help get the job done.

Kelli learned quickly to set boundaries and expectations which has made her start to really enjoy her Real Estate and guiding others through transactions. There are times where a realtor has to be available way past normal business hours but usually after 9pm, it’s lights out for Kelli! Because of this, she has been able to have a work-life balance she finds healthy and fulfilling.

She even keeps her foot in skating by coaching kids on Saturday mornings!




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