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Fall Fashions

I am sure you hear it everywhere you go: I cannot believe it is already fall. Time is flying(or blurring) as we enter our seventh month under some form of stay-at-home orders.

This has had an impact on the fashion and retail industries. We saw Fashion Weeks from all across the world go online and we saw that many designers opted out of Fashion Week. We heard from designers like Simone Rocha about how COVID-19 slowed their work done.

And we have seen so many retailers shutter their doors, some for good because we are not out there buying clothes. Many of us have lost our jobs or fear losing our jobs. The future is uncertain. Some of us just do not need new clothes if we are not going anywhere. My yoga pants and t-shirts are suiting me just fine these days.

Yet, there are still trends for fall fashions. Here is what we can look forward too-snuggly throwbacks.

The 90s are Cool Again

Do you still have your argyle cardigans and plaid skirts? How about some riding or knee-high boots. If so you’re in luck!

If not, the one thing your wardrobe needs this fall is a big oversized button-up cardigan!

Want to go more grunge and less prep? That is fine too. Flannels and torn jeans are back. And do not forget your Doc Martins!

Don’t like the 90s? That’s fine; the 80s are back too!

80s Rock

Think Joan Jet and Blondie.

Leather, platform shoes, cinched waists and pattern scarves are in this fall. And do not worry, that leather does not have to be black or brown. Colored leathers are in as well.

This fall is bringing us many options.

Have somewhere to go?

While there are not many places to go these days, small events are starting to pop up as people begin to figure out how to socialize in safe ways.

If you are one of those people and will be looking for a dress, go with jewel tones. Think of the deep purples, blues and greens of amethysts, emeralds and sapphires!

Fall is a festive time. Though I can never claim it as my favorite season because it also means winter is around the corner, I do love it and the styles it brings. I love long sleeves and boots. And this year, I am excited that sweaters are in.


In addition to the cardigan, block color sweaters are big this year. This fall you can expect to see lighter weight sweaters meant for fall and you will also find sweater dresses. Wrap sweater dresses combine that cinched waist look with the sweater look. And throw on some high leather boots!

One of my favorites that I have seen so far has a fitted skirt portion, but the top is loose fitting with slouchy sleeves.

I just love fall! And this fall it seems that designers realize we need comfy clothes as well as throwbacks that remind us of our youth when we were less stressed out. These styles are comfy-body and soul!




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