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Celebrate Your Natural Beauty This Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. Whether you are single, married, dating or in a committed relationship, February 14th is a great time to embrace your beautiful self, especially this year. Maybe your self-care routine does not include putting on makeup daily, but we encourage you to take this Valentine’s Day to highlight your natural beauty, whether it is for a night curled up with a book or a beau or a night on the town with your love or your girls. Trust us, taking that time to look at yourself in the mirror, to acknowledge the beauty within yourself, will brighten your day...maybe even your week!

No matter what your mood, we have a look for you.

Warm and Fluffy

You can go for the Selena Gomez look. Warm pink lipstick, natural blush and full eyebrows. This gorgeous look is stunning but subtle. This look will work for a night in. Perfect for the self-celebrating selfie or for the intimate night by the fire.

To achieve this natural warm look, be sure to have well-moisturized skin. Use your primer and maybe a light layer of foundation. Then apply Eunré’s Candid Matte lipstick.

Before you try to shape your eyebrows like Selena’s, be sure to check out what is the best-shaped eyebrow for your face.

Flash the Falsies

A natural look with a flare is perfect for your first night out in a while. For many, the pandemic stranded us at home and led us to forge an intimate relationship with our yoga pants and favorite hoodie. But maybe you are ready to venture out into the world to celebrate with your love or your friends. Want a little flare? False eyelashes are calling your name. Falsies will add just the right amount of flashy adventure to your otherwise all natural look. Try pairing the look with Eunré’s Sugar Plum Matte.

Vamp it Up

Valentine’s Day does not need to be soft and subtle, and maybe that’s not your natural look. There has always been something sexy about the vampire look, and maybe that is what you are looking to embrace this year! Eunré’s Sugar Dream Gloss and Matte can help you bring out your inner vampire for a succulent Valentine's Day celebration!

Glitter and Gold

If you’re feeling fancy and like you can light up the room, how about some glittery eyes. There is no limit to what you can do with glittery eyes. You can achieve that subtle flirt look with a little glitter in your smokey eyes. Or if you’d rather emit that queen of her own domain look, you can go with something bolder and bigger. Either way, glitter is a great look for this holiday. You can keep your natural look, and highlight the romantic in you! And for your lips, how about a subtle gloss.

Valentine’s is going to be different this year. Even if you have always stayed home on Valentine’s Day, this year, well, haven’t you been home enough? The spice you may need this year is likely inside of you. So here at Eunré, we are encouraging all our beauties to celebrate the beauty inside of you this Valentine’s Day no matter where you are or who you are with(out).




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