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Celebrate Women This Month and All Year

March is Women’s History Month, and just earlier this week was International Women’s Day. For a company like Eunre who celebrates women 365 days of the year, this month may seem like nothing notable. But we have decided to celebrate women even harder this month!

Women’s History Month started off as Women’s History Week in 1980 because a collaborative of women's groups and historians lobbied for national recognition. President Jimmy Carter issued the first Presidential Proclamation declaring the Week of March 8th, 1980 as National Women’s History Week. International Women’s Day was already being celebrated on March 8th since 1911, and the first National Women’s Day occurred in the US in 1909.

Like Margaret Mead said: “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has.”

International Women’s Day is a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. It is also a day for calling for immediate gender parity and calling out gender inequality where one sees it.

This year’s theme for International Women’s Day is Choose to Challenge (#choosetochallenege). It states on the official website: “ A challenged world is an alert world and from challenge comes change. So let's all choose to challenge. How will you help forge a gender-equal world?”

What can you do to celebrate Women’s History Month? Here is a list of ideas for March--or any other time of year.

  • Shop female-owned businesses. Here are a few we love!

Eunre (obviously)

Crush Global Travel

Kinect Solar

Part-Time Marketer Group

Packed with Purpose Gifts

Groomed Man

EventSmith PhotoBooths (local to Philadelphia Area)

Popcorn Snacks

Kelli Pellini (real estate agent in the Philadelphia area)

  • Support nonprofits that help women across the world

Love Shouldn’t Hurt (local to Philadelphia)

Global Fund for Women

Girls Who Code

Dress for Success

  • Check out some of the Library of Congresses resources!

  • Read some of our favorite books/stories by women

  • Don’t forget about women of color

  • Support women in your workplace by letting them know how they have impacted you, acknowledging their successes and calling out gender inequities you see

  • Mentor younger girls/women

  • Enjoy one of the events hosted by the Women’s History Month Museum (note they go on all year!)

Why is Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day so important?

According to the World Economic Forum, none of us will see gender parity in our lifetimes, and likely neither will our kids. We must stay steadfast and continue to work.

Here are some other statistics from the UN Women.

  • 60% of chronically hungry people are women and children.

  • Less than 20% of the world’s landowners are women.

  • Women more money is put in the hands of women, children’s health and education improve.

  • Women make up ⅔ of the world’s illiterate people.

This is not only a problem in other countries. According to the Pew Research:

  • Women make up less than ½ of the labor force and those numbers have stagnated

  • Women’s median hourly earnings were $16.00 in 2016, and men earned a median hourly wage of $19.23 in 2016.

  • Women only account for about 20% of members of Congress and about a quarter of state legislature members in 2018. Women made up roughly 5% of Fortune 500 company CEOs in the first quarter of 2017 and about 20% of Fortune 500 board members in 2016. As of March 2018, there are six female governors and five females in executive branch cabinet-level positions.

  • Women are about twice as likely as men (42% vs. 22%) to say they have experienced at least one of eight specific forms of gender discrimination at work.

The US has seen progress, women are more likely to have a 4-year degree than men. Women’s wages are growing and more women are becoming the breadwinners, but there is still work to be done.




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