• Angela Smith

5 Reasons to Get a Face Roller

Cupping your face and vigorously rubbing up and down is a sign of stress. If we haven’t done it ourselves, we have surely seen others do it. It feels good. Blood gets flowing and your skin no longer feels tight like it's going to pop.

But why wait until we are stressed and rely on touching our face with likely dirty hands. Skincare and disease prevention 101 definitely both tell us not to touch our faces!

Why? Glad you asked

  1. It feels good! Your face is made up of muscles. Smiling, frowning, talking, laughing, eating and winking at that cutie all take muscles. And like the muscles in the rest of your body, facial muscles can get stiff and tired. Massage them! Plus massages are known to boost your mood!

  2. Decrease puffiness; yes, please. Puffy eyes say everything you don’t want the world to know. Puffy eyes are caused by fluid collecting. Massaging your face helps disperse that fluid.

  3. Improve circulation! Even after five minutes of a face massage, a 2008 study found an increase in blood flow. After 5 weeks of regular face massages, this same study found an increase in vasodilation in response to heat. This suggests that these massages increase overall circulation.

  4. Glow up! That improved circulation will also produce that healthy glow you may miss from your younger years. No worries. You can get that back!

  5. Speaking of younger years. Working the muscles of your face, like other muscles, tightens those muscles. Yes, this is a workout for your face that helps fight off and reverse the sagging effects of aging.

Interested, aren't you? Get a face roller like this Black Jade Face Roller. The Black Jade roller is great because jade stays cool even when it touches your skin allowing for it to constantly stimulate your skin.

Eunre’s Black Jade Face Roller is also small and compact so when you are traveling it is easy to bring along. Or if you have a long day ahead of you and maybe need a little boost, this will fit right in your bag. Five minutes alone and you will feel revived and ready to tackle the rest of your day.

Some people also use their face rollers to apply makeup and creams. This again reduces the amount we touch our face with our hands. While at night, this may not be an issue it could very well be an issue if you are on the go and need to touch up your makeup or reapply moisturizer.

This jade roller is 100% jade making it easy to clean.

Using a face roller is simple. Many people like to apply an oil or a serum first. They start rolling. Do not roll side to side or up and down. Start with upward movements from the neck. Be gentle but firm. Move toward the jawline still using upward strokes, then the cheekbones, eyebrows and forehead.

Some have tried to claim that face rollers help you lose weight or cure certain diseases. There is no proof of this. Face rolling is meant as a beauty and relaxation technique. The best health benefit we know of is relaxation!




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